5 Travel Apps for Scotland’s Citys and Haunted Vaults

Gone are the days of relying on a travel agent to book a trip for you as you arrive in a new place with no idea what to expect or what you will be seeing. Instead, travel apps let users make decisions on the fly as they explore new cities from the touch of their phone’s screen. These apps hold a vault of information that is just waiting for tourists to unlock!

Scotland is a beautiful country full of great history. Below are five apps that can help tourists make the most of their time on Scottish soil.

Edinburgh Secrets

Edinburgh is a beautiful city that regularly attracts visitors from around the globe. One of the most popular apps in the iTunes travel section, this application lets users get the perspective of an Edinburgh local, Andy Hayes. The app provides tips on delicious (and often less expensive) restaurants, information on attractions, which tourist traps are actually worth your while and some of the best areas in town to shop.

Glasgow Walking Tours and Map

This app allows users to take a variety of walking tours with the only guide needed being their smart phone. Some of the possible walks through the beautiful city of Glasgow include places of worship, top nightspots, best shopping areas, specialty shops, family fun, and daily life. There is a less detailed free version of the app, but users can also download a more extensive version for under $5.00.

Traveline Scotland

This is a free app provides travel info for Scottish public transportation. This free app covers bus, coach, railroads, subways, and ferries. Travel updates can also be found such as traffic and road conditions which help users unlock the fastest transport methods to get where they are going.

Glasgow City Guide

This unique app is completely offline, which allows users to search without racking up insane roaming charges. Full of insider tips and key information from locals, this app is certainly one to download before heading to Glasgow. Information such as maps, sights and can’t-miss attractions, tasty restaurants, nightlife to satisfy your hunger (and hunger for a good time), and guides to various museums around the city.

Scottish Places

This app is created to help Scotland’s visitors find their way around with ease and speed. Featuring options such as satellite view, directions and navigation, traffic conditions and street views, a compass, and the ability to zoom in and out, this app might just be the next best thing to having a map that will grab you by the hand and take you exactly where you need to go.

There are plenty of other apps that are important to grab before heading to Scotland that can help you find your way around, experience all there is a city has to offer, and language tools that help tourists understand what is being said while in country. These apps are just the tip of the iceberg and there are plenty of other great apps to look into when planning a great Scottish trip.

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