5 Ways To Generate Killer Content Ideas

5 Ways To Generate Content Ideas

In 2015, content is still the king. It’s been the unrivalled king of digital marketing for a while now, but it’s without a doubt the single most important asset that you create as a marketer; having high-end content will help provide value to your audience, increase engagement across your social media channels and also support your on-going SEO efforts by attracting natural organic links. This is why a strategic content strategy is going to be vital to making your digital marketing campaign stand out from the crowd .

Why is Content So Important?

Content is vital because it will allow you to bring a new level of value to your audience. Rather than just telling them things and hoping they think “Sure, thing! Where do I buy?” isn’t really a successful sales strategy moving forward. Instead, you can start to provide valuable content that tells your customers who you are, what you do and why they should consider your products or services. This can be done in various forms, such as video, blog posts, graphics and images.

This not only raises your authority with your clients, but makes you a more appealing person to buy from, work with, and listen to, and also helps to boost your brand awareness – when you have plenty of articles flying around that are providing value, people will start remembering who you are.

Content is key for not only for SEO success but also supports your social media strategy; quality content will get shared on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, providing value to your audience increasing brand awareness, and generating relevant organic links from around the web which will not only help increase organic traffic to your site but also your websites overall search visibility.

However, doing this can be a bit tougher than many might envisage – the key behind good content is making it interesting, and making it unique. This is why its very important that you understand who your core audience is, where they spend their time online, what content they consume and where they like to share this content.

Once you have an understanding of who your audience is and what content they like then its time to create content that will provide value and engage your customers. This takes time and effort to find the right kinds of topics that haven’t been covered a million times before; the easiest way to find good content to inspire you audience is to use the following five sources;


Buzzsumo is one of my favourite tools as this allows you to quickly identify the most popular content on any given topic by simply just searching fo related keywords. Once you have discovered the most popular content you can view which platforms it has been shared most on and also what influencers within your industry have been amplifying it.


This is an excellent resource for industry-specific topics, and can also be a great way to find questions and answers; you can then build articles on these questions and deliver interesting content to your clients that they will just love.

Feedly & Flipboard

Both are fairly similar, and give you a chance to keep up with specific industries that you pick; you’ll also be able to provide your own analysis and input into the subject, building another section of your brand whilst also finding excellent subjects of discussion to think about for your own business.


The king of the message boards, the subreddits out there are vast in number and cover just about any topic – you’ll be able to create mountains of content from what you come across on Reddit. Just use the massive amounts of information here to start giving you fresh ideas and inspiration for unique ideas of your own.


Surveys are also a great way to make up some new content for yourself – create a survey up and share it with your readers and your lists, and then build up some content for others based on the results that come back to you. You could even get some nice inforgraphics made up to go along with that increase your chances of getting shared and likes later on down the line.

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