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Even though being an open system is one of Android’s greatest advantages, it is also something that makes this platform quite vulnerable to outside intrusions. While this is mostly limited to ad related malware, seeing that a lot of people are keeping sensitive information on their phones or have access to cloud services where such information is stored, being lax with the security of their devices is not really an option. This is why we have decided to list some of the antivirus apps that have been shown to be effective by a number of satisfied users.

Zoner Antivirus Free

As its name says this is a free app, but unlike most free apps of the type, it offers quite a wide range of features. Among others, this includes theft protection, basic antivirus functions, and something that is quite rare in apps of this type, a useful task manager. The app has a simple interface that makes it easy to set it up exactly the way you want it, and it has been shown to be quite reliable at detecting and removing malware.

Antivirus Security Free by AVG

Chances are that if you own a PC, you have at least heard about ACG antivirus software, if not used it for at least a while. Aside from the standard malware protection, this app also offers some advanced features, such as a battery monitor, task manager and theft protection that employs Google Maps and web security features. The app’s intuitive interface allows you to easily setup the exact level of protection that you desire and run quick but thorough scans.

BitDefender AntiVirus Free

Another free app which is mostly differentiated from other apps on the list by its straightforwardness and focus on only one aspect of security. Namely, this app will only allow you to do a comprehensive scan of your device, without offering anything along the lines of theft protection or something similar. This focus on only one aspect of protection allows for a simple, fast app that is great at the one thing it does and that really won’t get in your way by hogging all your phone’s resources.

Hornet AntiVirus Free

One of the best completely free antivirus apps that, unlike some of the other similar apps, doesn’t need to be purchased in order for you to gain access to its full potential. This is to say that it offers some features that you could otherwise only get if you paid for a subscription for some other app. This includes storage and app scanning, but also scanning for apps that are likely to use offensive advertising. Even though the app’s interface is not much to look at, it is easy to use and rather well organized.

Mobile Security and AntiVirus by Avast

Another name well known for their PC antivirus software, Avast really made an effort to come up with a rather comprehensive solution for Android security issues. It offers everything from call and SMS filtering, network monitors, malware and theft protection as well as a number of other features. There is a free version of this app, but the paid one is not too expensive and is quite worth the $1.99 that you’ll need to pay every month.



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