Better Late Than Never!!!

It’s only taken 6 years but yesterday Google finally released Google Drive to the masses. Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky ones and had to wait for access which I got tonight. So what’s my first impression of Gdrive? Well, it was a bit of an ant-climax to be honest. Google really hasn’t done anything that we haven’t seen before in the form of Dropbox, Box.Net and Microsoft’s Skydrive, which also launched its desktop app for Windows and Mac this week, (Good timing MS).

One thing that does favour Google though is their pricing structure which is the most competitive I have seen so far for any online cloud storage service. Once you activate GDrive you will receive 5GB of free storage, you can then purchase more if you require which starts at $2.50 for 25GB, I don’t know what this is in pounds and I really can’t be bothered working it out just now so you do the math.

Google have also been quick to provide the developer community with an API, although the API released can only be used for web based apps. And It didn’t take long, within just a few hours we started to see various services update their applications with GDrive integration.

Anyway, will I use GDrive? Yes I will, why not it’s 5GB of free online storage, but this won’t be my my primary location for cloud storage. Why? Well just now I receive 25GB of free storage in Skydrive and I have 10GB of free storage on Dropbox which is more than I need for what I currently store in the cloud. My main use for these services is to have backups of my pictures, which is currently sitting at 17GB and any important documents I have, which isn’t many. Maybe this will change in the future, I don’t know but I’m glad Google has finally launched their service because competition always brings innovation….

To activate your free 5GB of storage just head over to 

Matthew Marley

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