British Gas Review – My British Gas Hell!!!!!

Wow, British Gas where do I start….. You must have the worlds worst customer service… Words cant describe how angry I am right now, but I feel I’m partly to blame for this as anytime I’ve had to contact their customer service team its been a living hell. I should never have joined them…. They never have anyone that can actually help you when you call them, all they seem to be capable is putting you on hold or transfer you around their call centres, before they put you on hold again. When you do get to speak to someone you need to go through everything with them again as they previous agent hasn’t explained the situation…

So tonight I called up to pay an outstanding balance with them, I was on the phone for about an hour just to make a payment. I was cut off 3 times and then put on hold again only to be called on the house phone by the same advisor that put me on hold…. When I told him I was on hold he said “oh forgot I had put you on hold” I mean seriously….

So eventually they took the payment which was fine, I then for some strange reason decided to check my back account on my phone just to make sure and there it was they had taken over £1000 out of my account. I called them straight back only to be told that they hadn’t and they only took the payment which was agreed. I then started to panic, thinking maybe this was something else so I decided to call my back who advised me that it was British Gas who had taken the money. I then called them back and was put through to a girl who was based in the UK – I thought great maybe she will know what she is doing… Nope she cant help me and had to pass me through to another call centre which I think was in South Africa. After explaining the situation for a fourth time I was then told he would need to put me on hold… AGAIN!!

After being on hold for more than 10 minutes I decided enough was enough and I was going to have to call back for a fifth time…. Guess what they are now closed….

Honestly, I’m not a big one for complaining and I never do posts like this on my blog but I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy… Whatever you do please stay away from Britsih Gas this is the worst company I have ever had to deal with in my life….

Dont let the adverts fool you folks stay away from these incompetent cowboys…..



Matthew Marley

Matthew Marley is a SEO specialist from Glasgow Scotland with a passion for the web and emerging technologies. With over 9 years experience Matthew specialises in SEO and has worked with some of the worlds biggest brands.

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  1. Honestly mate, total nightmare never experiences anything like it before in my life, thought I must have been getting Punked at one point lol

  2. Jo says:

    Dude, call your bank and do an indemnity claim to get the cash straight back in to your account. Thats appauling service, luckily i’m not like that with my customers :P x

  3. Laura Price says:

    Dear Mr Marley

    My name is Laura and I work for the social media team at British Gas.

    I am obviously very disappointed to read about your experiences with BG and, from what you have written, can completely understand where your frustrations lie. I am sorry that it was not as simple as it should have been to pay your outstanding balance.

    I would be very happy to look into your account for you and ensure everything is as it should be – and indeed help you with any other outstanding issues you might have.

    If you would like me to do this, please can I ask you to email your house number and postcode to and I will do all that I can to help.

    Many thanks and sincere apologies again for the inconvenience caused.

    Best wishes


  4. Jen says:

    Wow. Hope you got it all sorted!

    Also, that’s a first. Not seen a supposed member of a social team leave a comment on a blog post before.

  5. dave h says:

    Having just had a run in with the british gas south african department I would never want anything to do with this company again after sitting waiting 4hrs for an engineer to call, and then being told lies by numerous operaters, who put me on hold every two minutes and taken down wrong numbers, and so condescending the females are the worst. I work in a big national property management company and I will given the chance, warn everyone off british gas. There computers must run on gas so slow.

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