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Tweet Pee – Yes It Tweets When You Pee

Ok, so this has to be one of the most useless innovation’s that I have EVER seen, and I mean like ever! but, hats of to the Huggies marketing team as its got them some great exposure around the tinterweb...


Performance-Enhancing Drugs for Writers

If you’re a blogger, or do any kind of writing then I’m guessing you’ve come across good old writers block at some point or another.  Maybe these methods which Incidental Comics posted are just what we all need to get those...


Top Finance Apps For The iPad

Until a couple of months ago, I wasn’t anywhere near ‘organized’ in my small financial world. I have burnt my fingers handling money until one of my buddies introduced me to a bunch of finance apps. These iPad apps help...


The Current Best Ultraportables

When it comes to laptops, ultraportables aren’t exactly the most practical choice; at least, not when you’re a computer user who values function over form. Eschewing laptop part specs for smaller frames (with some even doing away with certain laptop...

Jelly Event

Have We Got the Event for You!

Have you ever heard the expression “Jelly Event?” No? Well, sit back and let me explain it to you! A Jelly is a working event where everyone and anyone who is looking for some motivational company whilst working are welcome...

R2D2 Turntable

R2D2 Turntable

Now this would be a a pretty cool turntable if you were a DJ, although I dont think many DJ’s use turntables these days.