Google Glass Hands On With Joshua Topolsky – Video

Pretty cool video where The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky catches up with the product team behind Google’s Project Glass. Here is what he had to say after having a chance to go hands on with the product.

“The design of Glass is actually really beautiful. Elegant, sophisticated. They look human and a little bit alien all at once. Futuristic but not out of time — like an artifact from the 1960’s, someone trying to imagine what 2013 would be like. This is Apple-level design. No, in some ways it’s beyond what Apple has been doing recently. It’s daring, inventive, playful, and yet somehow still ultimately simple. The materials feel good in your hand and on your head, solid but surprisingly light. Comfortable. If Google keeps this up, soon we’ll be saying things like “this is Google-level design.”

In another Project Glass news its also been reported that the specs will be available to buy this year. According to people close to Google, the development is running well ahead of schedule, and the release has been brought forward from 2014. There has also been several reports that the RRP will be much lower than the $1500 that Google I/0 attendees paid last year for the opportunity to get their hands of them first upon release.

Personally I’m very excited about Project Glass. If its anything like what we have seen in the demo videos then I really think this could be one of the biggest innovations that we have seen come out of Silicon Valley in many years. This year could be a very very big year for Google, they may have just found their iPhone!

Will be you buying a pair?, I know I will be!

Matthew Marley

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