Guest Posting: Does It Work Even After Penguin Update?

If you have been in the SEO or internet marketing industry for some time, you must have heard about Guest Blogging, especially after the crackdown of Google with the name of Penguin Update. Nobody can deny that the only way to rank on top of Google is to get as much high quality backlinks as possible.

Guest Posting seem to be a new strategy for  a lot of people but, veteran SEOs have been doing Guest Posting for years and gaining great benefits from this amazing link building strategy.

However, the question is, Does Guest Posting Work even after Penguin?

View the video from Google`s Matt Cutts and decide for yourself.

Question: What do you get from this Video?

Answer: No, the Guest blogging is not dead at all, but as Matt puts it, you must have some principles in mind while doing Guest Posting for backlinks and rankings.

  1. Spun or junk material will not help. This way guest posting will become just another form of content farming and spammy article marketing that worked 3-4 years ago.
  2. Articles with no useful information for visitors will do no good.
  3. Content must be long enough, writing 200 words blog posts will not work anymore.
  4. Make use of Google Authorship – you cannot afford to avoid it now.
  5. Keep the users in mind, not the bots.

Do not make it go To Extreme:

One of the most interesting quotes for me in this video is “Don’t take anything to extremes”. Many people have misunderstood the concept of guest posting, and thus they are creating spun content in bulk and then submitting it to thousands of blogs. This strategy will not work as well. This outsourced articles written in a third world language will provide absolutely no SEO value. Getting a high quality article is a must thing these days and if your content is not likeable by the users, than it will simply be not liked by Google Bot as well.

The best way to get quality articles written is to write them yourself, or at least hire a native English speaker who can write the content for you. There are various authority websites from where you can buy articles, like and constant content. Don’t rely on freelance writers from oDesk and eLance, as they will provide you ZERO quality article with rehash material.

Make sure that each of your post is at least 600 words long and provide some juicy information to the reader, that is exactly what Google is looking for – User Centric content.

Which Article is a GOOD ONE for Google?

The best way to analyze if your content is a good one or not, and whether Google will like it or consider it just a crap piece of article, is by getting the article reviewed by few people. If the readers learn something from your article, it means the article will surely have good value in the eyes of Google as well.


Google does allow guest posting, but do not use any shortcuts while doing guest posting for your business, as it will ruin your overall efforts and your reputation in the eyes of Google. Use it wisely with quality content and measurable efforts and you shall see your site climbing up the tree of SERPs.

Author Box:

Jawad Khan is a Search Marketing Manager for multinational IT Company in Dubai, UAE. He loves to write about Web Design, SEO, SEM, Online Business, and Affiliate Marketing.



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