Hootsuite Launches Real-Time Chat

Hootsuite is quickly becoming the must have social media tool for businesses. Today they announced real-time chat, calling the new feature an “epic release” for businesses who currently use the social media dashboard. The new feature which is named  HootSuite Conversations allows employees with an email address to communicate and collaborate without leaving the dashboard. Once set up all they have to do is click on the small speech bubble in the right hand corner to start a conversation. They will then be given the option to invite colleagues where they can communicate, collaborate and share social mentions internally.

Here are some of the key areas where Hootsuite thinks Conversations will be useful:

New HootSuite Conversations allows teams and organizations to communicate internally without leaving the HootSuite dashboard. Invite anyone to chat within teams or to the entire company, push messages from social networks to conversations within HootSuite and discuss, like, retweet, even broadcast further to members’ own social networks.

  • With HootSuite Conversations you can converse with anyone you work with, collaborate with, and share messaging with, easily and intuitively with the in-dash tool. Bring everyone together, get out of your inbox and eliminate time consuming email threads.
  • Send social messages to internal conversations for teams to discuss and share. Teams can then discuss response strategies, communicate approved messaging and encourage others to broadcast across their own social networks by replying, retweeting, or posting to other social networks.
  • HootSuite Conversations allows you to add anyone to your conversation – free – in order to discuss social messages and receive approved messaging. Communicate with your team, department or entire organization, without leaving the HootSuite dashboard. Adding collaborators is also easy as HootSuite Conversations allows you to import contacts from gmail, and recognizes your colleagues online.

What do you think of these new features? Personally, I’m really excited to try them out. This is something that Hootsuite has been lacking for a while.

Matthew Marley

Matthew Marley is a SEO specialist from Glasgow Scotland with a passion for the web and emerging technologies. With over 9 years experience Matthew specialises in SEO and has worked with some of the worlds biggest brands.

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