How Do You Receive Your Breaking News?

There has been some pretty big news stories which have been broken thanks to social media, a few of the more popular ones that spring to mind is the plane crash in the Hudson River, and the first picture that came from Twitter, the Middle East uprising and more recently the death of the Osama Bin Laden.

This infographic which was created by has pulled in some interesting research from several sources showing us how social media has replaced traditional journalism when it comes to breaking news. However, can the news that is being delivered on these channels be a trusted and is it accurate?

Where do you find out about what’s going on in the world, Twitter? Facebook? or do you rely on traditional journalism?

Matthew Marley

Matthew Marley is a SEO specialist from Glasgow Scotland with a passion for the web and emerging technologies. With over 9 years experience Matthew specialises in SEO and has worked with some of the worlds biggest brands.

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