How To Know If Your Website Has A Google Penguin Penalty

Since around April 25 of 2012, a lot of businesses and SEO professionals were forced to make a drastic change in the way they search engine optimize their website. While some may take it as a challenge to improve the way do SEO, for others who have been using black hat techniques, it may mean a total overhaul of their SEO strategy.

What we are talking about here is Google’s recent and endemic change in its algorithms in ranking websites in their search results which is the Google Penguin update. The name itself which is derived from a cute and awkwardly walking animal, may deceive people by making them think that it cannot do any harm with their existing SEO method. On the contrary, it cause more concerns than just about making use of legitimate means of making a website reach the higher ranks. It makes website owners be wary about getting a Google Penguin penalty.

How Can You Tell If Your Website Already Has a Google Penguin Penalty?

Just because your website still exists in Google’s search results, it does not mean it is not yet getting any Google Penguin penalty of some sort. The website may not be blacklisted yet but if you notice some unusual or unexpected changes in your website’s traffic, it should prompt you to think that your website is already being penalized by Google Penguin.

Among the signs to look out for are as follows:

• Sudden drop in ranking in Google’s search pages;

• Decrease in getting web inquiries;

• Decrease in traffic to the website.

What Caused These Things To Happen?

If your website is experiencing the aforementioned signs, it could be due to the following:

• The backlinks that were developed prior to the Google Penguin update which did not conform with the new algorithms were discounted or de-indexed by Google; or

• The website has been subjected to Google’s manual review and Google’s team that is responsible for doing this has figured out that the backlinks have no value which could affect the website’s value drastically, causing it to get a -40, -50, or even a -100 penalty. What these penalty means for the website’s ranking is, if it was ranked #3 in Google’s search results, getting a -50 penalty means that the website will have a #53 rank.

What Should You Do After Getting the Google Penguin Penalty?

If you strongly suspect that you have been penalized by Google Penguin, here are a couple of things that you can do to redeem your rank:

• Focus on creating more quality links and leave the old backlinks behind since those were already found to be junk and it may have already been de-indexed or discounted by Google.

• Verify and check out your Google Webmaster Account. Google notifies webmasters or your internet companies about their spammy behaviour through their Webmaster Account and for this reason, it is important to verify and always check your Google Webmaster Account to see if you have already been notified by Google about a spammy behaviour that you could be participating in.

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