How To Watch US Netflix And Hulu In The UK

One of the biggest problems I have with services like Netflix is the lack on good content, and when I say good content I mean all the TV shows and movies they have in the US compared to us in the UK and other places in Europe. When it first launched here in the UK I decided to give it a go and use the free trial which was on offer but after a few days of endless searching through their catalogue I was really disappointed and decided to cancel my subscription.

Then I found out about this fantastic little service called thanks to one of my followers over on Twitter. Now, without getting too technical on you basically what this does is tricks Netflix in to thinking you are in the US  without the need of any expensive IT Kit. I set this up last night and had it up and running in 5 minutes.

Not only can you watch Netflix but you can access US content from a number of sources including all the major TV stations and Hulu.   The first 7 days are completely free and then its $4.99 for the monthly subscription, but so far I have been very impresses and will almost certainly be signing up for a premium account once my free trail ends.

All you have to do is visit this sign up for the free trail and install this little bit of software which automatically updates the network settings on your PC that you need to use. If you don’t want to install this, that’s fine, you can also do this manually by following the instructions in the video below.

Once this is set up all you have to do is go to your Netflix account and sign in and you will have access to the US site and all its content. The same with all the other sites I mentioned earlier in the post.

Hope this helps and happy viewing



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  1. Baxter Tocher says:

    Aren’t they just changing the DNS servers you use? If so, you can do that yourself for free.

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