iPhone Dock Accessories: 10 Of The Best

If you like gadgets and consider yourself to be tech savvy, you probably have an iPhone already. In the first 12 months after the iPhone was released in June 2007, just over 5 million units were sold. At the time of writing, an estimated 115 million iPhones have been sold in the last 12 months, an astonishing figure to be sure. The fact that Apple has spent well over $600 million on advertising since 2007 has certainly helped but we digress. If you own an iPhone and work at a desk, there are a multitude of ways you can transform your iPhone into a landline while you work. Below are 10 dock devices, all of which cater to different tastes. Use one to keep your Apple Smartphone near you while you work.

1 – Native Union

Their curved Bluetooth wireless handset comes with an iPhone dock which enables you to charge your iPhone and also sync it with iTunes. This device makes it possible to answer calls on two Bluetooth devices and has a high quality built-in microphone and speaker system. Have an iPad or Android instead? That’s perfectly ok because the Curve handset fits them as well! This product have won various awards and can be yours for under $100.

2 – iClooly

This phone stand is a cheaper option than Native Union and is available for around $40. It has a retro design which makes it ideal for the office. Return to the days when telephones had cords and it was necessary to hold the handset in order to talk. It is ostensibly a novelty method of answering your phone but it is also an excellent charging dock and allows you to quickly sync your data from your phone using your computer. This has an old school design but is undoubtedly modern.

3 – iRetrophone With Sync Charger

This was released early in 2012 and can now be yours for less than $100. This is another retro blast from the past but acts as a charging cradle for your iPhone as well as having the standard ability to sync data. This is an extremely comfortable dock and it even ensures you are less exposed to radiation, assuming you are someone who is uncomfortable with modern levels of exposure.

4 – iDock Phone & Speaker

This is another excellent low budget option, retailing at around $40. It is the ideal accessory for an iPhone, Blackberry or any other phone that has a 3.5mm socket. The phone cradle has an adjustable tilting angle which ensures greater call comfort. It is an excellent tool for video calling and has a convenient noise cancellation feature. The high quality built-in speakers are great for hands free discussions or for playing music/videos.

5 – iRetrophone

This is retro at a price. Expect to pay $195 of thereabouts for this beauty but it is a stunning piece of kit design wise. The iRetrophone is comprised of a corded handset with a thick base reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s. Although it looks as if it belongs on the set of Mad Men, it is an impressive piece of technology. You plug the cord into the audio jack and connect the sync cable to the dock connector. Finally, place your iPhone in the front holder. This is also an excellent gift idea for the iPhone owner who already has almost everything.

6 – LEICKE Retro Handset

This device will set you back around $50 and enables you to charge your phone and up to four extra USB devices simultaneously. You can answer calls with the handset while charging and it is also possible to use the handset without the docking station. The makers claim that it reduces harmful mobile phone radiation by approximately 99%, something to think about.

7 – Thumbs Up Desktop Phone

This is one of the cheapest options on the list and is available for less than $30 online. This phone is excellent news for multitaskers as you can take notes, check your phonebook, adjust your calendar and more while still on the phone. If you have an iPod, you will benefit from the speaker dock. Press once to play/pause, twice to skip songs and thrice to go back through your tracks. It is a tad confusing at first but you’ll quickly get used to it.

8 – Phone x Phone

This is a great choice for those looking to add a bit of colour to the office. At around $45, it’s a relative snip at the price. It comes in a variety of colours and charges your iPhone while the handset can be used for calls. Like most docks, the Phone x Phone leaves a tiny carbon footprint so you can claim you’re doing for bit for the environment when your boss asks you why you have a bright pink phone on your desk.

9 – iFusion

This is another expensive dock option and retails at around $150. It has a built-in Bluetooth speakerphone, streaming music playback, charges your iPhone, is an ergonomic handset and of course it contains a USB pass-through for the purposes of syncing. It is an excellent accessory for home or the office and also enables you to connect to powered speakers thanks to its audio line-out port.

10 – KEE Desk Phone Dock

This is not the cheapest dock at $150 but it is one of the best. Two built-in speakers, AC Power, microphone, and a USB would suggest that it is worth every cent. The gorgeous design doesn’t hurt either! This dock looks like it could have been created in the Apple labs with its white matte plastic block design right down to the volume dial which has a chrome tint.

These docks have not been written in any particular order. They are different in terms of design, functionality and price so hopefully, you will spot the ideal iPhone dock accessory for you. With choices available from $30-$200, there should be an option to suit every budget.

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