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For years, Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools, collectively known as Microsoft Office, has been the standard bearer in presentation, word processing, and calculating software. The company recently unveiled its latest product, Office 15, which has been specifically designed for the new Windows 8 operating system, and marks the first major upgrade to the suite of products in three years.

One of the key upgrades in Office 15 is its ability to run on PCs as well as touch screen tablets. Presumably, Microsoft means its Surface tablet computer, due out later this year, which will run on the Windows 8 Pro operating system.

Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer told the media at the unveiling, “This is a new generation of Office – Office as a service first. We will continue to make office available in the traditional way, but the Office we will talk about today has been designed from the get-go to be a service.”

Here’s a look at what Balmer meant when he referenced Office 15 as a service.

New Design

Office 15 is a brand new piece of software, and as such has been redesigned in the “Metro” style. This design style creates the feel of a smartphone or tablet app, which will make it easier to navigate.

Touch Screen Compatible

Making Office 15 work on touch-screen devices was a very savvy move, and gives credence to the service label attached to it. This opens up an entirely new world of development and accessibility for millions of users.

Cloud Storage

Through the company cloud service, SkyDrive, users of Office 15 can save all of their documents, presentations, and spreadsheets to a cloud server. Everything saved to the cloud is then accessible to any of your devices, including other computers, smartphones, and tablets. Access your data no matter where you are.

Truly a great service, cloud storage opens up a whole new world of connecting and communicating with the people you want, how you want. All of your important data, no matter where you are.

Social Media

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Office 15 is its integration with social sites and services like Skype, Yammer, and LinkedIn. Users of the new software will be able access these social sites just by launching it.

Microsoft expects to make Office 15 widely available in October, to coincide with its release of Windows 8 and its latest product from the hardware world, the Surface productivity tablet.

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