Pinterest and Travelling

Is There a Connection between Travelling and Pinterest?

Whether we want to or not, believe it or not, technology is very important in our present daily life. So, it is no wonder that whenever a new innovation is presented, more often than not, it will have an impact on people’s lives. At the start, the effect may be insignificant but as time goes by, the influence becomes noticeable and substantial.

Take the inception of the internet, for instance. When it was introduced, it has changed the lives of people worldwide. Information has never been so easy to acquire with just a simple click of a mouse. People can avail any and all kinds of knowledge wherever and whenever they want. Another example is the launch of smartphones. Convenience and easy accessibility are once again expressed with this gadget. Logging in to the internet has become very simple and easy because we don’t have to stay within the bounds of a Wi-Fi connection or stay at our desks.

Such technological advancements have definitely made major changes on how we deal with our daily routines, our lifestyle, and our social life. The internet transformed the way we previously deal with the world, in general, as well as, make contact with our families and friends or go about our shopping, in particular.

In this instance though, the topic is how the internet, mainly the social web media, has changed the way people go about their travels. Among the latest addition to the exclusive club of popular and influential social networking sites is Pinterest.

Pinterest Promotes Changes to Travelling

Although Pinterest is also a social networking website; it features a different factor, façade, and purpose from that of other social media. In contrast to popular websites like Facebook, which features a timeline of activities of the life of the user, Pinterest permits its users to present what they had like, presently want, and desire for the future by using visuals.

The main service of Pinterest is to provide a venue where people can input as many images as they want in various diverse topics or themes. Members bookmark any images that they find interesting and then pin it to their pin-boards according to the theme. One of the themes that are prevalent and popular to users of this social media is all about travelling.

So, with regard to travel themes, you will be able to look into the desired travel destinations of your family and friends instead of looking into the ones that they already visited. For example, you will not be seeing images of family or friends on their summer trip somewhere in Spain last year but pictures of the places that they want to visit this coming year.

Seeing such travel plans can impact the personal decisions of those who will look into those photos, particularly about their own arrangements. People may tell themselves: why not go there also; the place looks so wonderful to miss out?

Pinterest and Travel Agencies

Pinterest was only introduced a few years ago so it’s quite new to the social internet scene but with how fast it grew since then, its potentials are noteworthy. For those who advertise travel destinations, although they may not own up to it, know that it would not be easy to change someone’s decisions after they had already made up their minds about where they want to go. These travel marketers may be competent enough to provide data, offer help, and other needed services but it will be unlikely to change the minds of clients at this point. However, there is a right time when a travel destination advertiser can hope to make such changes and sell the travel plans that they are marketing. Pinterest is a great venue to influence the minds of travelers to what marketers are offering.

Since Pinterest mostly promotes future endeavours of users, it may be the most applicable tool that travel advertisers can use in order to interest potential customers. The timing is perfect because the decisions that Pinterest users have are still not solid. In addition, Pinterest is all about images and people are easily influenced by beautiful sights.

All in all, Pinterest may not be on the top yet and there are still a lot of things to learn about it. But it will definitely be huge in the future because knowing and understanding people’s dreams and aspirations provides a good chance to affect such aims and hopes.

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