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How Tech-Savvy Are Our Kids?

Angiolotty recently put together this awesome Infographic and kindly asked me for some input. The infographic looks at how tech-savvy our children are and features three predictions as to where children and technology will be in 10 years time. The Infographic was...


iPhone Dock Accessories: 10 Of The Best

If you like gadgets and consider yourself to be tech savvy, you probably have an iPhone already. In the first 12 months after the iPhone was released in June 2007, just over 5 million units were sold. At the time...


Unusual but Useful Apps

4 years ago, no one had ever really heard of the word ‘app’. Our mobile phones were simply entities of basic connections, with only the standard uses of calling and messaging available. Now, they condition our lives in every possible...


The Current Best Ultraportables

When it comes to laptops, ultraportables aren’t exactly the most practical choice; at least, not when you’re a computer user who values function over form. Eschewing laptop part specs for smaller frames (with some even doing away with certain laptop...


Private Cloud vs Public Clouds

So cloud computing is getting the thumbs up for businesses. In fact, thanks to its potential for growth and money-saving benefits, cloud technology is proving very popular indeed. But now, it’s being endorsed, it’s time for the next stage in...

How To Land A Job In Tech

How To Land A Job In Tech

Created by: Masters Degree Ever fancied a job working with Google, Facebook or Apple ? This infographic shows us what the most sought after jobs are, and more importantly what skills you will need to work for some of the...

Amazing Printer Concept

Amazing Printer Concept

  Printers aren’t really that cool, they break down a lot and tend to do what they want most of the time. However, this concept changes everything. All we need now is someone to make it !

The Interconnected World Of Tech Companies !

The Interconnected World Of Tech Companies !

via 6.mshcdn.com Great infographic from Mashable showing how all the major tech companies have connections. As you can see many of the smaller tech companies in silicon valley have been started by ex employe’s of some of the giants, including...