Tips for creating the perfect landing page for your PPC campaign


Paying for a PPC campaign can be one of the most effective tools in marketing, but you need to do it right. Your click through rate might be fine, but if your landing page is lacking your campaign is unlikely to be effective. There is no point in putting all your resources into attracting clicks if you fail at the final hurdle.

You can of course get professional help with web design. But what if you want to be informed yourself, before you make any decisions about the way forward? The aim of this article is to give you some advice about how to create the perfect landing page to secure optimum results from your PPC campaign.

Think about what your aims are

Before you start to create your landing page, you need to think about what you are aiming to achieve. Do you want to:

  • Generate leads which could lead to sales.
  • Gather information from visitors, so that you can create profiles of them and send them relevant information.
  • Answer questions visitors may have, so they can appreciate the value of your product or service.
  • Encourage the visitor to make a purchase.

The reason for the creation of the page helps to inform its design. You may want to include a sign up form as part of the design, for instance; or you may want to enable visitors to make a purchase straight from the landing page. As part of your thought process you may also want to consider creating different landing pages for different ad groups. If this is a stretch for you then start with one and see how you progress.

Add forms to your pages

Optimise the content of your page to achieve your aims

At the end of the day, the purpose of your landing page is to enable you to achieve the aims you have established. You need to make sure it’s optimised to achieve this purpose. Here are some tips on how to do this.

  • Make sure that the content of the page is easy to read. If you overload the page with too much information, visitors will lose interest in reading it.
  • Make sure that it’s easy for visitors to take the action you want them to, in multiple ways.
  • Only request the information you really need.  Being asked to provide their life story is off putting for many people.
  • Make sure that calls to action stand out but do not look unprofessional.

You will find all of these tips useful in helping you to secure conversions from your landing page.

Hopefully, you can see how important it is to make sure your landing page is optimised to meet your aims. We have provided you with some useful advice about how you can make this happen. Do not forget that your landing page should always look professional and read well. You want visitors to have a positive experience, even if their visit does not lead to a conversion.


Matthew Marley

Matthew Marley is a SEO specialist from Glasgow Scotland with a passion for the web and emerging technologies. With over 9 years experience Matthew specialises in SEO and has worked with some of the worlds biggest brands.

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