Top 5 New Features of Windows 8

Top 5 New Features of Windows 8

Windows has been the leading operating system available in the market for many years. While many pundits have complained about various versions in the past (Windows Vista), the Windows operating system still always comes out on top. The latest version of the software to hit stores is Windows 8. Is it worth upgrading to Windows 8 or sticking with your current software? Here are five new features that you will like on Windows 8.

1. Fast Start Time

Have you ever turned on your computer and then sat there waiting on it to boot up for like 10 minutes or longer? If so, you’re definitely not alone. This is one of the greatest frustrations that computer users have to deal with sometimes. With Windows 8, this shouldn’t be an issue for you. This was one of the things that people loved about Windows 7, but Windows 8 boots even faster.

2. Metro User Interface

Another new feature that you’ll probably like in Windows 8 is the Metro user interface. This is a type of graphical representation of all of the things that you might need on the desktop. Instead of the same old layout, it looks more like something you would see on a tablet or touch screen platform. It takes some getting used to, but most people will enjoy it.

3. Search Box

You know how if you need to find something in Windows, there’s a search feature that helps you do that? With Windows 8, the search box is gone. So how are you supposed to find the things that you need on the platform? Just start typing. If you’re on the desktop, just start typing anything and a search tool will appear, and help you find things. It’s pretty neat.

4. Windows to Go Feature

Perhaps the most amazing feature that comes with Windows 8 is the Windows to Go feature. This is a feature that gives you the capability to take your Windows setup with you to any other computer. You can save a copy of your Windows on a jump drive and then plug it into any other computer with a jump drive. Immediately, all of the settings, wallpapers, apps, and files will be uploaded to the new computer for your temporary use. Then when you take out the jump drive, all of it goes away.

5. Charms

Charms are a variation on the regular start menu. You swipe across the bottom of the screen to access them. Then you get options of the various things you can do on the platform.


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