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Travelling abroad has always entailed a number of unwelcome complications, many of which can be avoided today with the use of various travel apps for smartphones, and here is a look at the top 5 travel apps available today.
If you have ever travelled abroad at any time in your life, or heard about it from your friends or parents, chances are that you’ve heard more than one story which involved someone getting lost or pretty much not knowing what to do or say. The good news is that many embarrassing moments such as those can be avoided now, mainly thanks to the array of travel apps out there.

Here is a look at the top 5 travel apps which should help make your journey abroad more enjoyable.

5. Packing

For many, packing is definitely the most stressful part of travelling abroad, and this nifty little application comes to the rescue with its packing lists, giving you the ability to write down everything you need to pack and then check things off one by one. As if that wasn’t enough, it can even offer suggestions on what you should bring based on where you are going, and it can even save data from previous lists and predict what you are going to bring next time.

4. XE Currency

Even though we all use money, different countries use different kinds of money, which can be a bit problematic if you are planning a last-second trip. If you don’t have time to do all the calculations and check out how much money you should take, the XE Currency app can help you out with that. It has the latest values for money from pretty much all over the world, giving you the ability to seamlessly convert values. The exchange rates are constantly updated for an optimal of accuracy.

3. Flight Tracker

While airports are indeed tightly-run, they still go through their fair share of problems and delays, and naturally, you would ideally like to know if anything happens to your flight, which is precisely what the Flight Tracker application is used for. With its help, you can basically get constant real-time updates on all gate assignments, departures, and even delays as they get announced. You even get to use a cool map to track flights that are currently ongoing.

2. Foodspotting

Naturally, when you are visiting pretty much any place abroad one of the things you want to try is their food. Of course, being a tourist, you have no idea where the good restaurants are. The good news is that the Foodspotting app contains all the information you’ll ever need about the restaurants and dining avenues wherever you are, including customer reviews and critic scores.

1. Google Translate

Finally, the number one cultural barrier standing between you and the place you are visiting is more often than not the language. Naturally, you can’t learn an entire language in a couple of weeks before visiting a place, which is why you should consider taking Google Translate along with you. It is now available as an application, and is capable of translating between more than 57 languages, and 15 of them can actually be translated by simply speaking them. In other words, this is as far as we have come to a universal translator.

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  1. Kaylah says:

    Great apps! All of these are a huge help when it comes to all the traveling I do for my job at Dish, especially Flight Tracker. Do you have any entertainment apps you would recommend for travel as well? There’s always those boring waits in airports and such, so I personally like to load up on as many entertaining apps I can find. Right now my favorite is Dish Remote Access. Because I have a Sling Adapter at home, I’m actually able to watch all of my favorite shows, live or recorded, on my phone anywhere I go in the world. It definitely beats twiddling my thumbs for hours while waiting for my plane to arrive! :)

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