Top Finance Apps For The iPad

Until a couple of months ago, I wasn’t anywhere near ‘organized’ in my small financial world. I have burnt my fingers handling money until one of my buddies introduced me to a bunch of finance apps. These iPad apps help me track my expenses and also save me a great deal of time and paperwork. Some of the finance apps that I find helpful are:

• PocketMoney
• Balance
• Expensify
• BillMinder
• Bank Account


This app helps you keep track of the money you have in various accounts such as your bank accounts, savings by other means and cash on hand. The principal advantage is that you can store data for years together without worrying about data loss. You can generate a report anytime you need by choosing the categories of expenses. What’s more, PocketMoney can import transactions from other finance apps and adjust the data accordingly. Cool, isn’t it?


Balance helps you balance various account balances (pun intended). It helps you concentrate on specific accounts and also the overall balance in the accounts. You needn’t maintain a manual check register to record your transactions. Just entering a transaction once is enough to make adjustments where necessary. This app helps you avoid unpleasant and unexpected overdraft fees. Balance can be a perfect personal assistant you would want to consult before writing a check.


Expensify builds a digital expense log. All card transactions take effect automatically as the app can be synchronized with your credit cards and bank accounts. This doesn’t mean that cash transactions can’t be included. You just have to scan your cash receipts and the app will take care of the rest. You can also get your reports emailed to you by selecting the expense categories you wish to include. It is my virtual friend who alerts me when I tend to overspend.


A more descriptive name for this app would be Bill (re)Minder. It reminds you of upcoming bills. What I particularly like about this app is that it reminds me when I have the time to give the bills some attention. You can set the time for reminders. Moreover, you can also get the bill list sent to all members of the family. A good chunk of your time can be saved as you don’t have to search all the bills every day and also avoid penalties.

Bank Account:

Bank Account is the ideal app to manage all your bank accounts. Using this app, you can keep track of the bank accounts of all family members. People who share their account with others in the family would find it very helpful. All family members who share the account can be notified when one of them effects a transaction.

These apps have made me aware of my ways with money and I am pleased to see that I save a lot now. Check your financial health by using these apps before your expenses burn too many holes in your pocket.

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