Top Free Apps for Skiers and Snowboarders

If you own an iPhone, you will want to fill it up with plenty of great apps. The iTunes App Store has many for free that you can get to keep you in the loop socially, for entertainment purposes and for a variety of other reasons. If you are an avid skier or enjoy snowboarding, there are some great free apps you can get in that vein that can come in very useful when you want to hit the slopes. Some of the best of these should be explored.

Ski and Snow Reports

Ski and Snow Reports is free and provides you with a comprehensive report of all the snow action in known ski areas. You can view ski facilities by resort name, state or via map. It includes over 450 known resorts in North America and provides real time information that is updated regularly. It is a great tool when you are planning on a ski trip and need to know about the snowfall and other conditions.

Download the app here.

Ski Buddy

Ski Buddy is a great free app that includes great features you can use while you are actually skiing or snowboarding. It has an odometer, altimeter, talking speedometer and a clock. With the voice feature, you can ask it a number of questions regarding your skiing such as your speed or altitude or even something as simple as the time. Ski Buddy will also speak to you voluntarily about your progress while you are traveling over the slopes. Download the app here.

SnowBomb – Ski and Snow Conditions Reporter

SnowBomb – Ski and Snow Conditions Reporter is free, doesn’t contain any ads and is ideal for skiers and snowboarders. With it, you can check the snow conditions on various ski resorts and slopes throughout North America. You can also get great discounts on tickets to your favorite ski resort. Download the app here.


Skigo is a free app that should be downloaded by skiers want quick and accessible instructions on the easiest and proper way to apply wax on their skis. There are also great tips on how to best maintain your skis so that they can stay in top condition. Download the app here.


Skiline is free and provides you with a great way to record your own skiing experiences. To use it, you should register at You can shoot your own SkiMovie or compete in skiing contests with other skiers. You can also record your progress while on the slopes, including your distance, altitude, how long you have skied and more. The app will record a diagram showing you your overall progress. Download the app here.


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