Unusual but Useful Apps

4 years ago, no one had ever really heard of the word ‘app’. Our mobile phones were simply entities of basic connections, with only the standard uses of calling and messaging available. Now, they condition our lives in every possible way.

From telling us what trains are running on time, to locating what restaurant offers are available within your proximity, apps have become the sole reason many of us are now utterly dependent on our phones.

There are now over 500,00 apps available for download, and they can all be used on a combination of phones, laptops, lightweight Ultrabooks and tablets. However, whichever way they are used, their abilities to contribute to our lives is astonishing.

So, although some may hail Skype or WhatsApp as the most useful apps ever, here are top 5 unusual apps I bet you’ve never heard of, but that will help to make your lives that even more easier.

1.  TeamViewer

Need to access your work or home computer while on the move? Well with the handy TeamViewer app, you can get easy, fast and secure remote access to Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It even has a specific app for meetings, where users can participate in mobile meetings on the go. You’ll never miss (nor have the excuse to miss!) an important meeting again.

2. iHandy Level

For those with a dab hand at DIY, the iHandy Level app can be collaborated with your phone’s sensor device to be the perfect accompaniment for ensuring those shelves are put up straight!

3. Did I Close The Door?

Do you always worry you’ve forgotten to check if you locked the door? Well, this useful little app can help you remember. By just tapping ‘yes’ every time you close a door, the app will save the time and date you locked it. The app can remember the last 3 dates for 9 different doors, so you’ll never forget to lock the front door, back door or garden gate again.

4. PrinterShare

With PrinterShare, you can print photos, documents and web pages using a WiFi connection – so there’s no need to plug it into your laptop again! And what’s more, you can use printers anywhere in the world over the internet. All you need to do is sign up for a free PrinterShare account and download the software onto your PC or Mac, and away you go.

5. Viper SmartStart

This amazing app can start your car from virtually anywhere with your smartphone, when combined with the Viper SmartStart module in your car. The app can even send you push or text notifications if your car alarm goes off.
Ever forget where you parked your car in a multi-story car park? The app’s SmartPark add-on, also saves the location of your car every time you lock it.

This article was written by Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer. Ella has a keen interest for all things technology and thoroughly enjoys testing out the latest must-have gadgets!

Matthew Marley

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