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Big Thanks To Hootsuite!!

Just want to say a big thanks to the guys over at Hootsuite for the t-shit and other goodies that they have sent me. Looking forward to being part of Hootsuite envoy team here in Scotland, watch out for some great...


Hootsuite Launches Real-Time Chat

Hootsuite is quickly becoming the must have social media tool for businesses. Today they announced real-time chat, calling the new feature an “epic release” for businesses who currently use the social media dashboard. The new feature which is named  HootSuite Conversations allows employees with an...

Social Media Tools For Business !! #socialmedia

Social Media Tools For Business !! #socialmedia

Social Media Tools There is no denying that Social Media has made strides on the web. The immense number of people who now participate on social media websites has led to increased investment from SME and Enterprise companies to utilize...